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*maximum speeds

~Installation is free. However, required equipment costs will vary depending on which plan you choose, what area you live in, how fast a connection you desire, and what equipment that particular connection requires.~

Required Equipment
Depending on which plan you choose and what operating system is on your computer, you will have to purchase equipment to make a wireless internet connection possible.  Equipment is purchased through The-OnRamp.Net and will be fully paid for by  the customer prior to installation.  Customer retains full ownership of the equipment.  

*Note: The required Operating System for a wireless  connection is Win98 or higher.*

Service Areas
Service in Winnemucca and surrounding areas;  from Pegasus Mine to Paradise Valley.   If you can see the top of Winnemucca Mountain, you are eligible for high-speed internet access!                                              
Wireless Terms and Policies
Original Terms and Policies will still be in effect,  however the below terms will also be enforced for wireless customers.  You are responsible for reading, understanding, and agreeing to them.  By logging on to our service you are implying your agreement to every aspect of our Terms and Policies. 
  • Account will not be active until your payment has been received, posted, and account shows a $0 balance due. 
  • Account will be disabled on due date at 12:01am unless payment is received and posted to account.  We do not pick up mail on Saturday or Sunday.  There is NO grace period. 
  • Equipment will not be ordered until your payment for the necessary equipment and your first month dues is received and posted to your account.  
  • Unauthorized use of wireless services will result in immediate termination of the account. 
  • No refunds.  All sales are final.
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