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Technical Support
This information is designed to answer 90% of all your technical questions. Included is information that the Internet knows about your computer and Internet browser, Frequently asked questions (FAQ), DNS, Email, FTP, Configuring your startup / home page. If you have suggestions, please let us know at support@the-onramp.net. Let us begin...
Your Internet address is:
Your Computer reports your browser as:

Our Server reports your Internet browser as:
Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MS FrontPage 4.0)
Your email program must include the following two entries, one entry for ingoing and one entry for outgoing email messages. We recommend that you do not use the IP Addresses because the email servers could move to another IP Address.
mail.the-onramp.net  mail.the-onramp.net
Note; The IP Addresses respectively are:
Anyone in the world can view files from the FTP server.  Only customers who have requested an FTP account have access to the FTP server. If you are a customer, and wish FTP access, please contact our support group by email or telephone. We do not recommend that you use the IP Address because we could move the FTP server to another IP address.
This is the information you provide when registering a domain name to a Domain Registry company. (e.g. http://www.networksolutions.com  or http://www.register.com , etc.)


How do you setup your Dialup Configurations?
PC Computers
Winnemucca, Golconda
Battle Mountain
Imlay, Unionville
Ely, McGill, Ruth

Macintosh Computers
TCP/IP Settings 

How to configure your Home / Startup Page
These Instructions Apply to Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x
  1. Start Internet Explorer and click "Cancel" if any errors occur
  2. Click "View" on the menu
  3. Click "Options"
  4. Select "Navigation" tab
  5. Change "Address" to "http://www.the-onramp.net"
  6. Click "OK"
  7. Click the "Home" button to test - if it goes to our home page, you are done!

These instructions Apply to Netscape 2.x and 3.x
  1. Select "Options" on menu
  2. Select "General Preferences"
  3. Under "Browser starts with" check "Home Page Location"
  4. Fill in the blank with "http://www.the-onramp.net" (don't enter the quotes)
  5. Click "OK"
  6. Click the "Home" button to test - if it goes to our home page, you are done!

These Instructions Apply to Netscape Communicator 4.02

  1. Click "Edit" on the menu
  2. Click "Preferences"
  3. Under "Category" click "Navigator"
  4. Under "Navigator Starts With" click "Home Page"
  5. On the menu, click "Edit"
  6. Click on "Preferences"
  7. Under "Home Page" type "http://www.the-onramp.net" for the location
  8. Click "OK"
  9. Click the "Home" button to test - if it goes to our home page, you are done!
The old technical information
DNS When you need to register a domain name like yourname.com, you can provide the Primary Domain Name Server (DNS) and Secondary DNS information below to facilitate and expedite your web hosting and page setup.

Name server: NS1.THE-ONRAMP.NET
IP Address

Name server: NS2.THE-ONRAMP.NET
IP Address

EMAIL If you need to reconfigure or setup your email program, using the following information to configure the POP3 and SMTP textboxes.

or use IP Address:
or use IP Address:

if you use the IP address, then you may need to change it in the future if we reassign the email server to another IP address.

FTP  If you are managing a website, the following information is helpful to login and change website content. Anonymous access is not allowed to The-OnRamp.Net for security reasons. 

IP Address:

If your website is hosted at The-OnRamp.Net
...and it has its own domain name, then use it's static IP address or host name. ...and it is a virtual directory then use The-OnRamp.Net's IP Address of host name.

You can obtain utilities and files from our HTTP file point that doesn't require FTP access at (click here).

Having Email troubles? Are you having problems with email? If so, try the following before you call.

1.  When was the last time you successfully sent and received email?
2. Can you send yourself email and receive?
3. Can you send email to another email address like at Yahoo.com?
4. Can you send email from Yahoo.com to yourself here at The-OnRamp.Net?
5. Can you and a friend who both have the-OnRamp.Net accounts send and receive email?

The above will help you and The-OnRamp.Net determine if the problem is a) with your computer or modem, b) your telephone line, c) The-OnRamp.Net email or DNS servers, d) another upstream Internet Email Relay server, e) our Internet data lines to Reno, NV and Denver, CO.
Having Web site troubles?  Are you having problems getting to an Internet site? If so, try the following before you call.

1. Can you open up The-OnRamp.Net web site ->  http://www.the-onramp.net ?
2. Can you open up a Reno site like http://www.kolotv.com ?
3. Can you open up a remote west coast site like http://www.yahoo.com ?
4. Can you open up an east cost site like http://www.whitehouse.gov ?

The above will help you and The-OnRamp.Net determine if the problem is a) with your computer or modem, b) your telephone line, c) The-OnRamp.Net DNS servers, d) another upstream Internet Email Relay server, e) our Internet data lines to Reno, NV and Denver, CO.
FAQ? What are some our most frequently asked questions our staff answers?

1. I keep getting a busy signal. 

A: Busy signals are common between 5pm and 7:00pm because the number of users trying to access the Internet is higher at these times. Though our modem to user ratio is 7:1 which is far below the US average of 10:1, we do monitor and correct for busy signals created by peak time offenders who surf 24 hours per day and do not let others gain access to the Internet. Since January 2000, Battle Mountain dialups have been expanded, and Winnemucca was just expanded in March 2000. Imlay and Ely do not have busy signals due to a lower population.

2. My connect speed is sometimes low? 

A: Telephone line quality has a lot to do with connect speeds to the Internet. On average, we see connect speeds ranging from 24000 to 52000 and that depends on your location.

In the Winnemucca area of Grass Valley, and in the outlying areas of Battle Mountain, the telephone line quality for digital transmission is poor and that is the reason for low connection speeds.

In the City of Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Ely and Imlay the connect speeds are typically higher.

Also, as new modems are released in the computer market, we anticipate for future modem problems and upgrade our Network access modem languages to support them, and though our OEM network access vendors thoroughly test to ensure we do not have problems, we have seen connect speeds and connection problems occur in the past, and we have to immediately adjust for that by switching back to the older modem languages, or request a hot fix from the OEM.

If you connect to to us at a speed lower than 24000, please let us know so we can work with you to troubleshoot the problem. Please a simple phone call can allow us to look from our side to see what is your true connect speed.

3. My email program keeps timing out waiting for a message.

A: This happens often to folks who receive email attachments and the attachment in one file exceeds the timeout period in the email program. In Microsoft Outlook Express, this is part of the Tools | Accounts | Properties | Advanced tab. Change the Server Timeout from 1 minute to 3 or 5 minutes.

Or, the email attachment is genuinely stuck in our email server because of its size or something about its properties.  If you note the message number that you keep getting stuck on, please call our technical support number and inform them to delete that message, giving our staff the message number so we can open up your email server Inbox and review and delete the message for you.

As a side note, if you are going to be working within email for more than 20 minutes, you could be automatically disconnected from The-OnRamp.Net because we have a timer that says if you are idle and not surfing the Internet for more than 20 minutes, our system will automatically disconnect you. To avoid this, you can open up The-OnRamp.Net home page  www.the-onramp.net in a browser and just minimize it because the home page at will automatically refresh every five minutes, and therefore keep your Internet connect alive and running.

4. I need to change my password because I think someone else knows it or is using it?

A: you should immediately contact The-OnRamp.Net and request that it be changed. This includes your Login password, your email password. Your customer support password is the same as your Login password.

In the Account Maintenance section, at this time, we do not allow you to change your passwords  because of system synchronization between our billing servers, internet access servers and email servers.

5. Why can't I find a site? It was there yesterday?

A: There are at least one dozen typical issues why a website was available yesterday and now not available today. Yes, the Internet sets everyone's expectations that it is a 7x24 library and it should never be closed or down for maintenance. Unfortunately, just like a car, the oil needs to be changed from time to time, and the tires need to be rotated. 

Here are some inside tips and tricks on understanding how the Internet will sometimes frustrate you, but if you understand what could be going on, then you can at least relax and check yourself out first and look around and see if the problem is your computer, or the Internet as a whole.

First, are you typing in the FQDN (fully qualified domain name)? For example: you cannot access http://the-onramp.net, but you can access http://www.the-onramp.net . The reason is that the first example is not a FQDN; the WWW is missing. This issue has been around since the Internet started, and it is caused by DNS servers (Domain Name Servers). A Domain Name Servers job is to take a FQDN and resolve it to an IP Address, and then divvy up the website contents to your Internet browser or other Internet program. You can see if a DNS server is up or down by typing in the IP address of the site instead of the friendly name (e.g. versus http://www.the-onramp.net )

Secondly, another problem is that part of the Internet may be down. This has happened quite frequently between San Francisco and Seattle, and back east.

Finally, the website might be down for repairs or too many people are accessing it and you are not receiving the error message that the server is busy. Or, your computer may not have enough resources and is attempting to access the site.

I always check my computer resources from time to time to see that I am above 70%. Hold down the Windows Logo key and while keeping it held down, press the Pause Break key. This will bring up your Computer Properties and click on the Performance tab. Look at the System Resources. It should exceed 70%. If not, Restart or Reboot your computer.

Sometimes, I disconnect from the Internet and reconnect and then try opening that site again. Who knows what could be going on. The telephone line quality could be bouncing around, the DNS servers could be up, down or being reconfigured.

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