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Kid Links
Nick Jr. For pre-schoolers and includes TV schedules, pages to print out for coloring, and some fun beginning computer games.
TIME for Kids
Kids' version of this international magazine. Includes great graphics, slick stories, and amazing games.
Barbie.com Talk to Barbie live on the Internet. She will even remember your name, your favorite things, and your birthday!
Bonus.Com Everyone should visit at least once. It's packed with free games, special effects, and things never seen on the Internet before.
CIA Kids Page
It's for real!, the homepage of the CIA page for kids. Try out different disguises, and learn about gathering intelligence.
eToys On-Line Toy Store
One of the best places on the Internet to shop for your next toys. You can search for what you want, or browse the catalog.
EXN: The Exploration Network
Hosted by Canada's Discovery Channel and about science, technology, nature, and adventure. For smart kids who want info about our planet.
Windows to the Universe Learn about earth, space, and science. Topics covered include the solar system, the universe, space myths, and art.
Center for Mars Exploration NASA homepage includes Mars history, previous mission info, pictures of Mars, and links to educational resources.
Field Trip to the UN
Find out what the United Nations does and how it operates. Includes history and a list of member nations.

Kids Love A Mystery.com
Official Kids Love A Mystery Week site with contests, and lesson plans. If you love reading or writing about mysteries then this is for you!
Fun site for monster lovers, follow the adventures of Fillipe and friends through cartoons, games, and drawings. Shockwave needed for some games.
CowboyPal, Home of the Silver Screen Cowboys
Catch up on the cowboys from the 1940s and 1950s. Includes movie clips and links to other sites.

Click here and find out how an artist mixes colors. Includes fun things to do on rainy days.

Universal Studios Kids' Playroom
Online arcade with games, mazes, and a treasure hunt. Includes Babe and Casper coloring pages.

American Yo-Yo Association
Walk the dog, hop the fence, or make a flying saucer. Tips on tuning your yo-yo, plus AYYA rules, museums, clubs, and where to buy.
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