Swartzies's Handicapped Custom Clothing

Hi there! My name is Kathy Ancho. My company makes customized clothing for the handicapped, particularly wheelchair bound people.

400 Elquist #2100-2
Battle Mountain, NV 89820

Call toll free 1-800-685-4648 with any questions you may have.
Be sure to use access code 01 when dialing.

Stay tuned for lots of great ideas!
In the meantime, email me at swartzie@the-onramp.net

Swartzie Clothing is a privately owned business that custom designs clothing for your needs. We will either buy new and alter, or we can alter your existing clothing.

The disabled have very little choice in the clothing they can wear. Swartzie believes everyone should be able to feel good about the way they look, and we're trying to help! If you wear leg braces, prosthesis, or have broken your leg, Swartzie can alter your pants. You don't have to cut them off or change the type of clothing you wear alltogether. Shirts, pants, sweats, and undergarments can all be accustomed for your personal needs.

See examples of altered clothing

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