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Challenge Response


1. To get to your spam filter. Click on Settings up at the top of the page.

2. Once you have done so. You'll come to your settings page. Down the left side you'll see a menu. Like so:

Click on Challenge Response.

3. This will take you to a place that will show you all of your messages that have been questioned as spam by our mail server. There may be a long list. It will look similar to this:

4. What you'll need to do now is go through all of the messages and choose which ones you want to keep or delete. The easiest way do this is to check the box next to where it says "Status"

This will select all of the messages. Now you'll need to go through them and uncheck the ones you want to keep.

5. Once you get to the end. You'll see this:

In the drop down box
it gives you 5 options.
Authorize Pending - This means the selected message will come through this one time only.
Reject - This means the selected messages will be rejected once.
Accept - This means that the selected messages will be able to come through everytime.
Delete - Simply deletes the selected messages.
Mark As Spam - This will delete the selected messages and mark them as spam. After doing this, our mail server will block the address you mark as spam.

Once you do this you'll see all accepted messages appear in your inbox.


If you see [spam] before the subject of the message, our mail server is finding out if it is spam or not. What happens, is our mail server sends a message back to the sender asking it to click on a link and type in a few numbers. What this does is verify that the message did come from a person and was not sent by a computer. If they click on the the link and follow the instructions the sender should have no problem sending. The will only be prompted to do this once. 

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